About John Jellinek

John Jellinek is the President of Jelco Ventures, Inc., a private equity investment firm in the La Jolla, California area. John founded Jelco Ventures in 1971, and still resides and works in the San Diego area. With over 40 years of experience in the financial industry, John Jellinek has had a hand in nearly 50 major private equity projects and transactions. Most notably, these projects include partnerships with Bell Sports Corporation, IMNET Systems, Inc., Apogent Technologies, Tapscotts, Inc., Labor Source LLC, Pelstar LLC and CourtLink. In addition to John’s work with Jelco Ventures, Jellinek also served as Shareholder and Operating Director for the boutique investment bank BPC Group.

Previously, John Jellinek founded several other companies in the financial sector. Also acting as Director, these companies include,  K2 Industrial, Inc., Pelstar LLC, and Capital Resources Advisors.

Between April 2005 and June 2011, John served as the Chairman of Zenith Administrators Inc. Here, he aided the third party employee benefit plan administrator in serving multi-employer, single employer and public employer benefit plans.

John Jellinek
John Jellinek of Jelco Ventures, Inc.

John Jellinek received his Bachelor of Science from Miami University and his Master of Business Administration at the University of Chicago. At Miami University, he is the co-founder of the Entrepreneur Foundation while also serving as co-trustee of the Business School Board.

Advisory Work

Currently, John Jellinek is advising multiple companies. They include U.S. Specialty Labs, a California licensed high complexity lab that serves customers who are trying to find customized services for toxicology to immunology. For this company, John serves as a business development advisor. He is also a business development advisor for Cliawaived Inc, a company in the San Diego, California area that provides internet distribution for rapid point-of-care diagnostics. At Amara Health Analytics, a company that provides predictive analytics that help clinicians detect diseases early, John Jellinek is an advisor and shareholder. Lastly, he advises PMC-US with venture management and capital formation.

Business Acquisitions

Over the years, John Jellinek has made a lot of investments in businesses which include Collogenisis, Zenith Administrations and the Rife Jet Center. He has also been a part of the sale of Ertco Thermometers to Fisher Scientific. Apart from these, John has purchased Look Performance Sports with the goal of integrating clip-less bicycles pedals and he has also purchased the Bell Helmet Company out of bankruptcy and helped create the first kid safe helmet.

Charity Work

Aside from John’s business ventures, he is a part of numerous charities. He helped his wife in 2004 in founding the Aspen’s Writers’ Foundation. Currently, the Aspen’s Writers’ Foundation is one of the nation’s best literary centers and a platform for the world’s most established authors. John Jellinek is a major donor  and advisor to the Aspen Community Foundation, American Diabetes Foundation, American Lupus Foundation, Sharp Community Hospital of San Diego, and is also a major donor to the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla.

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